Global Social Responsibility initiatives 3rd edition 2012

The Brewing Sector worldwide has a long term commitment to working in partnership to encourage the legal and responsible consumption of its products. Brewers play a leading role in, and commit significant financial investment to all the initiatives described in this document, either individually as brewers, by subscribing to trade associations and their confederations or by funding Social Aspects Organisations and their international affiliations. More than 890 initiatives from 78 different countries are described. The number and range of the initiatives listed reflect the cultural and legal differences in the respective countries and show the need to tailor activity to local needs. Members of the WBA and brewers around the world take very seriously their commitments to encourage the responsible consumption of alcohol. This commitment to social responsibility is evidenced in the public, searchable database of our members’ Global Social Responsibility Initiatives, which was launched in June 2012, and is available online. The site builds on the two previous print versions, and demonstrates how the brewing sector has continued its commitment to help prevent and reduce the harmful consumption of alcohol.

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