About Us

The Worldwide Brewing Alliance (WBA) involves brewers and brewing trade associations from around the world.

The WBA represents more than 80% of world beer production. WBA membership covers Australia, Brazil, Canada, Europe, Japan, Korea, Latin America, New Zealand, Nigeria, the UK and the USA. 

The objective of the WBA is to share knowledge and best practice amongst brewers and other concerned stakeholders and to act as a global, united voice on the integrity of beer and the social responsibility of brewers to a variety of audiences, including international organizations. 

The WBA: 

  • Champions corporate social responsibility, responsible marketing practices and innovation in the brewing sector;
  • Advances the place for moderate beer consumption by adults within a balanced lifestyle, emphasizing the intrinsic characteristics of beer; 
  • Advocates for an evidence-based and balanced approach wherever strategies to address alcohol misuse and related harms are developed; 
  • Demonstrates the proactive actions of the brewing sector as a partner in promoting responsible consumption and supporting the fight to address alcohol misuse and associated harms; and
  • Monitors issues of global interest to the brewing sector, in particular when a collective response is needed. 

Our Members