In view of the discussion paper on alcohol labelling tabled for this week’s 45th Session of the Codex Committee on Food Labelling

The Worldwide Brewing Alliance, uniting brewers representing over 80% of global beer production, believes that consumers should be empowered with the key information that can enable them to make well-informed choices about the foods and drinks that they consume.

Brewers are rightly proud of the products they brew and the appreciation consumers have for their beers. This is why beer should be consumed moderately and responsibly, only by adults and as part of a balanced diet and active lifestyle.

For alcoholic beverages, key product facts to support consumer choices include the alcohol by volume (% abv) and the relevant nutritional values, with many beers already communicating energy information, including on product labels, in a clear manner that allows for meaningful comparison amongst all drinks.

Whilst the product label is not the exclusive vehicle to empower consumers to make informed decisions, brewers support the role labelling can play in communicating factual, balanced and accurate information about the product itself.

Brewers across the world stand ready to work with their respective governments to provide industry expertise and develop appropriate standards for each country that ensure consumers can make informed and responsible decisions in relation to beer consumption.

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